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    新聞動態/Xintai Alcohol


    On September 2010, alcohol industry's annual conference was held in Taicang, Jiangsu province, where the Great navigator Zheng sail to the grand opening. It was great honor for us to come as the representative and get the Xintai alcohol Co., Ltd’s generanl manager invitation, and visited their new factory in Taicang port. As well as we know, ethanol factory has been considered as polluted industry, However, just in such a beautiful city, a modern ethanol factory has been towering stands and famous. As it is a model enterprise with environmental protection and cleaning production benchmark, many experts get to understand and know it.

    The latest technology designed in multi-tower distillation unit, to ensure the stability and excellent product quality.


    From another point of view for visiting the distillation tower, it is spectacular

    Another set of towers, when taking the photos, it deliberately avoided the visitors. In fact, there were many people taking photo next to it, especially for experts who were very interested in it.


    Neat fermentation tanks, which against the background of the blue sky gleaming. Seemingly calm exterior, there is a tempestuously biochemical reactions, and alcohol is manufactured by the magic organism---it’s called yeast.
    Cooking column, where starch is liquefied, this is a very important process for the ethanol factory. A large amount of steam is consumed here.
    The newly renovated pool, it’s indispensable when it is running.

    In the connection of fermentation section and distillation section, production managers can freely through the middle of the steel bridge, monitoring and coordination at any time.
    Some finished or semi-finished storage products tanks, specifically left out of the lane for easy accessing to transport vehicles.
    The new or old tanks can be obviously distinguished from the external side. The plant tank moved over from the old factory and settled down in the new place: I do look old, but there was still a lot of energy.
    But our enterprise has the responsibility for environment protection, no matter how much has been spend on the environment protection, we must do it. From this perspective may not be able to see them all.

    The external protection device will eliminate and reduce the production process security risks
    Cooling tower, it’s not idle for a moment.


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